It’s finally here, Pre-Paid Water Meters

In it’s quest to serve you better , Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company has embarked on the pre-paid metering project for its customers. The aim of the pre- paid water meters is part of the company’s continued efforts to improve service delivery .
The pre-paid water meter comes with many benefits which include;

- Putting  you in control 
- Only pay for what you use
- No water disconnections
-No disputes over bills
-No more disconnection notices
- Allows you to budget efficiently
-Reduced consumption
-Encourages responsible water usage
-Gives you power to decide your consumption
- Installation is free


The prepaid water equipment consists of  User Interface unit (UIU) which is placed inside your home and the pre-paid meter which is installed outside your house


User Interface Unit ( UIU )

This is the remote display unit installed within the
consumer’s home that provides the gateway into
the pre-paid meter installed outside the premises.

The function of the UIU is to :

- Remotely displays the meter reading as
reflected by the pre-paid meter.
- Displays remaining allocation available to
you the consumer.
- Allow for Top up / Credit entry.
- Provide various alarms for the consumer,
such as leak and tamper.
- Displays the pre-paid serial number
required for top up.
The Pre-paid Meter :

- This is the gadget installed outside your
home. it measures the water consumption
and must be looked after very well by the

Entering the 20 Digit Token into Your Water Meter

A. Always present the 11 digit meter number when buying water tokens/units. The 11 digit number is found on the meter and begins with 411XXXXXXXX, the number can also be obtained from the User Interface Unit (UIU) inside your house. Simply press ## and the number will start to scroll.
Usually the UIU goes to sleep, so keep on pressing # until you see the meter number scrolling on the screen.

B. Present your meter number at the vending point and pay for water. Remember that you cannot purchase credit of water less than ZMW20.00.

C. Take a credit slip bearing your meter number and amount purchased with you. At home enter the 20 digit token number into your meter using the UIU. Usually the UIU goes to sleep, press the first digit until you are able to see it indicate on the screen. Enter the 20 digit token number followed by # (e.g  24988828272727272727#).

If you make a mistake at any time while entering the token, use the arrow key to reenter the digit or digits mistakenly entered or missed.
D. After entering your token/units, the meter will display the amount of water purchased and loaded into you prepaid meter.

E. To check how much water credit you have, press # #

Taking Care of Your Prepaid Meter

The pre-paid meter is very expensive and it is the responsibility of the customer to take care of it. Vandalism of the meter will have to be replaced by the customer, to avoid this kindly abide to the following tips;
a. Do not sit or put anything on your prepaid meter.
b. Advise your children not to play with the meter.
c. Do not cover your meter with any metal object, this will make communication between the UIU and Meter outside impossible.
d. Do not shock the meter, by dropping anything on it or striking something against it. This will damage your meter.
e. Do not try to open the meter; it will go into tamper mode and close the water. Once this happens, only personnel from LWSC are authorized to remove the tamper from your
f. Do not try to open the UIU. There are no user serviceable parts inside. If you see anything wrong with your meter, report to any of the LWSC offices.