Lusaka Saitation Program

A 5-year plan that aims to protect Lusaka’s groundwater, and ensure the health of its residents

The Lusaka Sanitation Program is a 5-year initiative by the Lusaka Water & Sewerage Company (LWSC) that will elevate Lusaka residents’ quality of sanitation by providing affordable sanitation options.

Every year,  deadly water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery cut through the city of Lusaka, claiming lives. Treating water to make sure it’s safe is not enough. We need to take measures to protect the groundwater from being contaminated in the first place.

We need to invest in sanitation.

New sewer lines means those living near those lines can install and use flushing toilets. For areas sewer cannot serve, families can build affordable and modern toilet options that are designed and constructed to ensure the safety of the groundwater – and will immediately improve their quality of life and comfort. Formal teams will be available to empty septic tanks and pit latrines, and more treatment facilities will be set up to accommodate the volume of fecal sludge and septage that is emptied.

As LWSC continues to expand its capacity to provide safe water to residents, the Lusaka Sanitation Program will be working within communities to build healthier, and happier families.


More Sewer Lines

Over 520 km of new sewer lines will be planned for 26 locations. The first areas for 2018 will be in Kafue road, Emmasdale, Matero, Kaunda Square, Industries, and Kanyama.

Removed sludge / Septage

By providing available services and capacity, more households will be able to regularly empty their septic tanks and pit latrines. The program aims for 230 metric tons collected in 2019, to be doubled the following year.

Treatment Facilities

Treatment facilities are where septage from septic tanks, sludge from  pit latrines and sewage from sewer networks go for processing. Treatment facilities will be built or upgraded in Chawama, Kanyama, Chelston, Matero, Ngwerere, Chunga and Manchinchi to increase capacity.

Emptying Services

More formal teams will become available across Lusaka to provide safe and affordable services for emptying  septic tanks and pit latrines.

Improved Toilets

5,000 households in Kanyama and Chawama and 2,000 in George will be able to afford and build durable toilets for their homes which are designed for comfort and to also protect the groundwater in those areas.

Public Toilets

Sanitation facilities are needed in public spaces. 100 public toilets will be built across East and West Lusaka. These will be set up in schools, clinics and markets.

520 KM Sewer
Treatment Facilities
Metric Tonnes
Emptying Teams
7,000 Toilets
100 Public Toilets
Work With Us

Rehabilitation, Upgrade and Expansion of Sewerage Infrastructure

Congratulations to Sinohydro Corporation Limited for being awarded the contract for Rehabilitation, Upgrade and Expansion of Sewerage Infrastructure under AfDB Component of the Lusaka Sanitation Program (see the results of the bidding here).

Scheduled to start in mid-2019, the scope of work includes the upgrade of western interceptor downstream, upgrade of noxious pump station, and rehabilitation and expansion of sewer networks in Matero and Kaunda Square.

The project will benefit over 65,000 residents and will contribute to the eradication of Cholera in Lusaka.

Construction of Household On-Site Sanitation (OSS) Systems in Chawama/Kuomboka and Kanyama Peri-Urban Areas of Lusaka, Lusaka Province

LWSC has received sealed bids for the Construction of Household On-Site Sanitation (OSS) Systems in Chawama/Kuomboka and Kanyama Peri-Urban Areas of Lusaka, Lusaka Province.

Submissions closed on 14 September 2018, and assessments are now underway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sewer lines are planned to be completed by 2025. They will become operational at different times across the city.

The 100 public toilets across the city will be completed by 2019.

The onsite toilets will become available for customers to purchase and have built by the start of 2019, and will be an ongoing product by LWSC.

The toilet emptying services will also become available by the start of 2019.

Over 520 km of sewer lines are planned, in phases, for:

    • Kafue road
    • Emmasdale
    • Matero
    • Kaunda Square
    • Industries
    • Kanyama
    • Villa Elizabetha
    • North Mead
    • West, East and North of Rhodespark
    • Shakespear
    Prospect Hill
Sewer lines are suitable for specific locations where the ground slope is adequate for flow, and if there is adequate water supply in that area. Currently only around 10% of Lusaka is connected to the sewer, and this 5-year program will expand that to 30%. Many unplanned areas of the city do not have enough space or good-enough ground conditions to support sewer, so the best option in those areas will be the improved on-site toilets.
LSP will be building and/or rehabilitating 100 public toilets split between East and West Lusaka, with the west covering Matero, Chunga and George. You will be able to spot them from their distinct colour/styling.
Any LWSC office will have information about the new types of toilets. You are welcome to come and check out the actual toilets, as demonstration toilets will be constructed in Kanyama, Chawama and George.
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The Lusaka Sanitation Program is funded by the following four international financial institutions.


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