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Our Vision

“A world class company working together to change lives and bring pride to communities

through provision of water and sanitation services”

Mission Statement

“To provide quality water and sanitation services at commercially and environmentally

sustainable levels to the delight of our customers and other stakeholders.”

Our Core Values
As we pursue our mission we are guided by the following principles which form our core values

Respect for the individual
We derive our strength from our people. We value and encourage the individual. We treat everyone with dignity and respect.

We do what we say we will do and we do not compromise on what is right

Achievement through team work
We recognize that a team accomplishes more than individuals alone; we encourage all team members to help and learn from each other.

Commitment to client satisfaction
We are committed to delivering excellent service and value for each of our clients

Continuous improvement
We Endeavour to do the best we can; we celebrate our achievements but see them only as beginnings.

Shareholder value maximization
We strive to consistently generate long-term value for our shareholders following a clear business strategy that embraces our core values.

Transparency and Accountability
We are committed to doing business in a transparent and accountable manner to both our customers and all stakeholders.

Our Background

We are a commercial water utility company providing water and sanitation services to Lusaka province. Although the Company was established in 1988 under the companies Act, it commenced operations in 1990.

The company became a provincial utility in February 2008 as a private limited liability company with the councils of Lusaka city, Kafue, Chongwe and Luangwa being the share holders.

Service Level Agreement

Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company Limited signed the Service Level Agreement with NWASCO for the period 2009 -2011. This agreement is the basis of our commitment to you as we believe you deserve better services. We therefore guarantee that LWSC will without any reasonable cause provide you with a service below the service level guarantee. The service level guarantee will be revised upwards towards the end of 2011 to reflect our commitment to improve service provision