Corporate Profile


Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC) was established in 1988 and commenced operations in 1990 after the water sector reforms. Its mandate is defined in the Water Supply and Sanitation Act No. 28 of 1997. The Company is the largest provider of water and sanitation services to a population of 2.4 million both in urban and peri urban areas of Lusaka province in Zambia.

The daily production on average is 250,000 cubic meters of which surface water accounts for 43% and 57% from groundwater. LWSC through its various projects and initiatives has endeavored to grow its production in order to bridge the gap between production and the daily average demand of 420,000 cubic meters for Lusaka Province.

The company has continued to work towards increasing sanitation coverage. Only Lusaka and Kafue have sewerage systems while the rest of the districts are serviced by on-site systems. The company has three conventional treatment plants, namely Manchinchi and Chunga in Lusaka and Chawama in Kafue with seven sets of waste stabilization ponds in Lusaka and one in Kafue. As of December, 2019 the total sewer network is about 524km representing 16% for reticulated sewer.

To scale up on sanitation access, LWSC has integrated On‑site Sanitation (OSS) services and Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) within its overall business strategy. This implementation of this service has started off in areas that will not be sewered in the medium to long-term due to technical and socio-economic considerations. This interventions have accounted for 69% for safely managed sanitation.

Having evolved from a small department within Lusaka Urban District Council, the utility had 34,000 connections in 1990 and as of December, 2019 the number of connections stood at 115,567 which include domestic, commercial and Government (GRZ) residing in both the urban and peri-urban areas of all the towns in the Province.

The number of employees has equally grown to the current 888 employees across the province in all districts served. This presents a wide range of skills and qualifications among them engineering, management and business expertise necessary for meeting and improving the services provided.

LWSC prides in the values of; customer focus, innovation teamwork integrity gender responsiveness and social inclusion in the quest to meet the stakeholders` needs.